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Clan Badges

In Scotland, clan badges are worn by members of a particular clan to show kinship and loyalty.


A clan badge shows a single emblem taken from the clan chief's Coat of Arms.  The images of the Coat of Arms are assigned through the Heraldic Court of the Lord Lyon, a court dating from 1532.  The law of the Heraldic Court states that the 'right to arms' (Coat of Arms) can only be assigned to a specific person, regardless of whether another has a similar surname - only that named person, connected to that Coat of Arms is permitted to display that coat of arms.  Therefore only the clan chief can bear the Coat of Arms.

However, a clan badge using an image of the chief's Coat of Arms, can be worn by all who are affiliated with the clan.  The Heraldic Court does requires the emblem be encircled by a belt and buckle when displayed, or enclosed by a circlet.


On the belt of the clan badge is the clan motto in the language of the period the badge originated, such as Latin, French, Gaelic, or English.  Never part of the display is the name of the clan.


Below is a sample of some of the Clan Badges available. 

For a complete selection, including the specific history and measurements for each badge, check out 'SHOP / Scottish Collection'.

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