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Duncan MacDonald


Duncan at Bwlch Llanberis (Llanberis Pass)

North Wales

Duncan MacDonald is a native of Britain with his studios on the Isle of Islay, Scotland, and in Meaford, Ontario.  In 1992 Duncan committed to sculpting full time after many years creating props and scene design for the British Film industry.

Traditional Pictish and Celtic images, Clan Badge history and pivotal Celtic and medieval historic moments, inspire Duncan’s original work.  Each piece comes with an explanation of its unique history.

Duncan carves his original sculpture in gypsum and then casts in cement fondue - an18th century French sculpting process.  Examples of this type of sculpture can be seen today, such as the Prince’s Gate at Toronto’s Exhibition grounds, or the cenotaphs found in most town squares.  

The all-natural medium of cement fondu creates fine, delicate detail and is suitable for indoor presentation and resilient enough for outdoor exposure.  An old stone polishing technique of hand waxing and bristle buffing finishes the work, raising the marbling that is created by the natural mineral colouring.


The village of Port Ellen, Islay, where Duncan has his studio - which is currently FOR SALE, located one mile from Laphroaig, Lagavulin, and Ardbeg distilleries.


A perfect Islay afternoon at Soldiers Rock, on the Oa Peninsula, watching the Atlantic.

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