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  • Can the work be put outside?
    Work with a lacquer finish (such as the Red Rampant Lion, or Red Dragon of Wales) cannot be in direct weather. If the work were to get wet, the lacquer would lift. All other pieces are hand polished and can be outside all year, in all seasons. Cement fondu originated as the medium for outdoor sculpture, examples of which you can see today, such as the Prince's Gate at the Exhibition in Toronto and cenotaphs throughout the world. Laying the work on the ground, like a stepping stone, is not advised as cement fondu is a porous material and might crack with frost.
  • Do you accept custom orders?
    Each piece begins as a hand carved original. The time this process takes depends on the size and detail, and can therefore be expensive for just one. Interest in custom orders should be sent in an email or phone call. Some requests have been asked by others, such as specific Clan Badges. In these cases, if there is enough interest, the Clan Badge will get done. It is best to make contact directly (see 'CONTACT' tab). For popular themes, the more requests received, the more likely the work will be done. For singluar custom orders, much depends on the particulars of the request.
  • Do you ship outside of Canada?
    Yes. As the website has just been launched, some details are being worked out. For now, Canadian orders can be processed through the website, under the 'SHOP' tab. Shipping to the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere can be done via email or phone communication. Check the 'CONTACT' tab for details.
  • Is there an explanation of the work's history?
    The detailed history of the design is on the back of the plaques. The exception being for smaller plaques due to a lack of space. Those without a explanation would include the "small"... Tudor Rose / Thistle / Fleur de lys / Claddagh / Shamrock / Small Knot The tabs 'MEDIEVAL / Heraldic' and 'CELTIC / Scottish / Irish / Welsh' offer a general history of the design. Also, the 'SHOP' list, with a click-on each image option, provides a specific history of the larger versions of the small plaques.
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